Our Family

Our family is hands on when it comes to our farm. Everyone helps with chores, baling, building, mending...

ADM/Moorman's Feed

Great nutrition = great growth and health! Moorman's Feeds are exceptional.

Sweetland Soap

In 2012, Jennifer started making soap for fun to give handmade gifts to friends and family...

Registered 100% Boer Goats

The goat project at Wagester Farm is a family affair. We strive to raise quality goats that are healthy and hardy enough for the first time goat owner. Our goats are meant for families starting out with 4-H or FFA projects, so that they can have a good experience with an animal project. Our does are built with proven National Champion genetics. We select for strong maternal instinct and productivity as well as good conformation. Anyone who purchases a goat from our farm can be assured that they are taking home a sound, quality animal.

CR Boers Outrageous (10763839) is our new junior herd sire. He comes to us from the Barker family in Seneca, Missouri, and is absolutely fabulous! His sire is AABG Outlandish "Ennobled" and his dam is CRG4 CR Boers Red Sky "Ennobled". He has excellent conformation, tons of eye appeal and size with a huge wide top, long loin, and a twist almost down to the hocks. We love his breed character head, wide horn set, and that he's ABGA show correct (perfect bite, full pigment, and a 1/1 teat structure).

ADVBG Dura Max (10595195) was our past herd sire. He was ennobled by the Reymeyer Family in Pennsylvania and recently passed away. Dura Max was ennobled and had a perfect bite, full pigment, and a clean 1/1 teat structure (one single teat on each side). Dura Max earned several blue ribbons in his ABGA classes, Division Championships, and was named Overall Grand Champion at the Jack Frost Classic ABGA Show on Day 1 at 9 months of age. He was a huge buck with lots of bone and put size and style on his offspring.

C S B Rum Runner (10646338) is for sale as we have retained his daugthers and run out of does to breed him to, $3000 firm. He is our four-year-old herd sire and was named Overall Grand Champion Buck at the September 2015 ABGA show in Syracuse, NY. When Circle Star Boers disbursed their herd, we couldn't let this guy get away. Rum Runner is a very powerful, wide buck with tremendous spring of rib and lots of bone. He has a perfect bite, full pigment, and a clean 1/1 teat structure (one single teat on each side). He is the son of C S B The Whiskey Bandit. This guy was 90 pounds at 90 days, 160 pounds at 8 months of age, and pushes 350 pounds in show condition. He has been putting size, muscling, bone, and width on his kids and we are thrilled with the growth rates.

For Sale (last updated 4/8/2018)

Pedigreed solid opal, broken opal, and castor standard Rex rabbits, $65-$150, show quality and ready April 2018.

Proven 4-year-old ABGA show buck, Rum Runner, $3000, excellent temperament (details above, pedigree below). Wethers, sold out. Three registered buck kids, the two out of Chewie are ABGA show prospects. Set the Pace (Peaches x Rum Runner), $800. Bone, muscle, & style with a beautiful topline. Trend Setter (Magnolia x RM 1515 "Chewie" - 2017 National Reserve Champ Senior Buck, all red), $1200, gorgeous breed character with tons of width, bone, and size. Chase the Dream (Cara x RM 1515 "Chewie" - 2017 National Reserve Champ Senior Bucks, all red), $1200, outstanding breed character, long, and broad. All have big hips, are ABGA show correct, and clean teats - Set the Pace is 1/1, Trend Setter & Chase the Dream are clean, well-spaced 2/2.

Doe kids, sold out. Caramel (pedigree below), $500. Proven 2-year-old doe that kidded twins with ease. Magnolia (pedigree below), $600. ABGA show correct 2-year-old who is an excellent dam (twins) with a fantastic pedigree. Would also consider parting with a few others, inquire if interested.

We moved our farm to Colorado in 2016...

and enjoy living on the front range with beautiful view of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains. Our website is always in update status. You can see more photos of our herd at Jennifer's facebook page: www.facebook.com/jennifer.wagester. We brought 17 goats with us to Colorado, including four spring 2016 Rum Runner doe kids: Magnolia (10710792), Blue Bonnet (10710793), Cara (10710795), and Caramel (10710796). Lil Miss Sunshine (10731801) was our first Colorado kid born on September 30, 2016, by S G R Polar's Lady Godiva (10718966).

Our spring 2017 Rum Runner babies were out of SL Pine Tree Peaches (10535634), LFC Clarie (10535281), C S B 450 "Texas" (10646327), JGW Wagester's Hailey (10681289), SL Pine Tree Prissy (10651888), and SL Pine Tree Isabell (10651902). JGW Wagester's Lemon Drop (10686309) was bred to JGW Wagester's Sloe Gin Fizz (10713016). Hailey, Peaches, Isabell, and Caramel are scheduled for late December 2017/early January babies. Texas, Magnolia, and Cara are confirmed bred to the National Senior Reserve Champion Buck, RM 1515 "Chewie" (who is a beautiful, ultra correct red buck) for February 2018 kids. Then we have some late comers with Prissy x Rum Runner due early March 2018, Lemon and Blue Bonnet x Slow Gin Fizz due late March 2018, and Lady Godiva TBD. Outrageous kids are planned for September 2018.

Please let us know if you are looking for breeding stock for your herd in advance so that we can keep you posted as goats become available. Prices start at $350/doe kid, $600/buck kid, $500/breeding age doe, and $800/adult buck and may run as high as $1200-$2400 for competitive ABGA show quality.

Rex Rabbits

Our youngest daughter, Alison, has started a show Rex Rabbit herd and welcomed four does and two bucks July 2017 from Double Decker Rabbitry in New York. Jessica Decker has been fantastic in selecting a group of Opal and Castor show quality Rex for Alison. Alison's showmanship doe, DC02 Opal, placed Best of Variety, Best of Breed, and Best Solid Fur at the Colorado State Fair & ARBA shows. Her castor buck, DC6 Rusty, and opal buck, DC01 Otto, also earned firsts in their classes and they took turns being best opposite. Jessica is ranked nationally in the top ten for her Castors and consistently produces variety and best of show winners. We are super excited to start with her genetis as a foundation for our rabbit program.

Alison will have Rex baby bunnies for sale in March 2018. Please contact Jennifer if you would like to be notified when they are ready. We anticipate they will be a mix of solid and broken Castor and Opal varieties.

Some of our Past and Current Does

C S B D450 "Texas"

"Texas" (10646327,left) is next to her 2017 baby doe, Violet. She is out of AABG NBD Stardom and a Windy Acres Strategic Power daughter. Texas has a lovely, sculpted head with tons of breed character. She also is an excellent dam.Full Pedigree

JGW Wagester's Magnolia

Magnolia (10710792) is a March 2016 doe kid out of Texas and Rum Runner. She is a robust doe with a perfect head and horn set. We really love her width and natural muscling and she's in our show string.
Full Pedigree

JGW Wagester's Blue Bonnet

Blue Bonnet (10710793) is Magnolia's triplet sister (Poppy is the third and resides in NY). She is a powerfully made doe with lots of bone and a massive front end. Full Pedigree

S G R Polar's Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva (10559258) is a 2011 doe out of Polar Express and a Bo Jangle daughter. She is a powerhouse and won the 3+ year fullblood doe class at the National Western Stock Show in January 2017. While aging, she's producing well and is a great example of a well-built doe. Full Pedigree

JGW Wagester's Lil Miss Sunshine

Sunshine (10731801) is a September 2016 doe kid out of Lady Godiva and Rum Runner. She is our first Colorado born doe and hit the ground running with a first place in the 0-4 month fullblood class at the National Western Stock Show. Sunshine is a long-bodied doe with lots of width and muscling. We look forward to her show career! Full Pedigree

SAKB Merlot

Merlot (10732935) is a September 2016 doe kid out of SAKB SAK Patriot's Legend and 2BBT Star of the Ball. With our does aging, she's an excellent addition to our herd. She has a super long, level body and elegant neck extension that will make her hard to beat in the show ring. Full Pedigree

C S B Wagester's Catch The Wind

Catch The Wind (10603558, RIP) is very long and feminine. She is sired by SSRA CSB Merlin (10578028), a son of Roger McSwain's buck, RM 745 "Hank" Ennobled (2011 National Grand Champion Senior Buck). Catch is ABGA show correct and a beautiful doe with a perfect topline and wide front end. Full Pedigree

JGW Wagester's Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop (10686309) is a Rum Runner kid out of Catch the Wind. You could park a plane on this doe's wide, level topline. She combines tremendous body capacity with a well muscled frame that carries on to her offspring. Look for her Feb. 2017 doe kid, Lila, in the show ring. Full Pedigree

SL Pine Tree Isabell

Isabell (10651902) excels in length and is out of AABG NBD All Dolled Up and a Cat in the Hat son. She is our most feminine doe and exhibits an elegant neck extension and long body. Her doe kid, Ivy, is a carbon copy and we look forward to pairing these lovely does with our more rugged genetics. Full Pedigree

LFC Clarie

Clarie's (10535281, RIP) "old" foundation genetics give her a regal, powerful look that is hard to duplicate. She is the daugther of NAMA Blitz and adds genetic diversity to our breeding program. Clarie is also ABGA show correct and a fantastic dam. Full Pedigree

JGW Wagester's Cara

Cara (10646327) is a long-bodied doe with a beautiful level top out of Clarie and Rum Runner. She exhibits beautiful conformation with solid muscling. Her sweet temper and old genetic appeal make her a joy to show. Full Pedigree

JGW Wagester's Caramel

Caramel (10710796) is Cara's rowdy twin. She's that doe in the pasture that busts her horn and causes mischief when you're not looking. Though she'll sneak in a snuggle, which makes her easy to forgive.
Full Pedigree

SL Pine Tree Peaches

Peaches (10535634) is a 2011 doe with old foundation genetics that continue to produce. She is a fabulous dam with a pedigree that goes back to Status Quo and Bingos Class Act. Her solid conformation and broody temperment ensure she'll still be going in years to come. Full Pedigree

SL Pine Tree Prissy

Prissy (10651888) is a long, broody doe with a big top. She's out of Peaches and a Cat in the Hat son. Her robust size and wide front make her a favorite in the barn. When people visit, they always want to know more about her. Full Pedigree

JGW Wagester's Hailey

Hailey (10681289) is a Dura Max daughter out of our 2015 show doe, Holly. She's a very tall and long doe with a tremendous neck extension, just like her sire. Hailey is a sweetheart and helped nurse a couple bottle babies this year along with her twin buck kid.
Full Pedigree

C S B Rum Runner

8 months old, about 165 pounds. Rum Runner (10646338) is a son of C S B The Whiskey Bandit, who placed third in his yearling class at nationals in 2014 and has earned over 100 show points. Whisky's sire is 2Dox Luger "Ennobled", the 2009 National Grand Champion Buck, and his dam is Circle Star Boers Sweet Pea "Ennobled", the 2010 National Reserve Champion Yearling Fullblood Doe.

C S B Rum Runner

Rum Runner exhibits heavy bone mass and muscling while maintaining structural correctness (1/1 teat structure, perfect bite, full pigment, strong pasterns, etc.). His exceptional width is paired with tight, well-formed shoulders that will not break down as he ages. Runner's stride is smooth and powerful. We expect him to produce sound, correct kids with a huge frame.

C S B Rum Runner

Rum Runner has an easy going temperment and was an ABGA Overall Grand Champion Buck at 19 months. He outsized everyone in his class and was considered just about perfect by the judges. Rum Runner's kids have his muscling, strong topline, and width and we cannot wait to show them!
Full Pedigree

ADVBG Dura Max

6 months old, 140 pounds. Dura Max (10595195) is a son of ZA Z01 Maximizer, who was the National Reserve Champion Fullblood Yearling Buck in 2011. His full sister, True Joy (owned by the Westfall family) set the showring on fire last year with numerous champion titles and his dam, ADVBG Hot-N-Sunny has earned 52 ABGA points.

ADVBG Dura Max

10 months old, 200 pounds. We love this buck kid for the structural correctness he displays (1/1 teat structure, perfect bite, full pigment, strong pasterns, etc.), his exceptional growth potential, and his gorgeous neck extension and breed characteristic head. Full Pedigree

ADVBG Dura Max

Dura Max is easy on the eyes with flashy paint coloring. He was by far the largest buck in the 9-12 month old buck kid class in the September ABGA shows in Syracuse, NY, and won Overall Grand Champion Buck on day one! For photos of Dura Max in the ring, see Jennifer's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jennifer.wagester